Understanding the Need for Proper Product Packaging in Effective Marketing

When it comes to marketing a product, the packaging is always going to be a crucial factor to look into. You cannot expect a product to sell well and to be recognizable without proper packaging elements present. A lot of people might think that it is enough for the product to perform the way it is supposed to to market it successfully, but that is not true. How it is presented and how it appears to the consumers that it is targeted for is truly going to affect how successful any marketing campaign is going to be. Which is why you will certainly need to take a look at the whole thing before you decide which packaging you should consider using.

It needs to be functional: On the practical side, you will need to consider how functional the packaging is. You will need to remember that the reason why the product is packed in the first place so to make sure that it is properly protected. This means that none of the outside elements can get into it to ensure its integrity while it will be transported from one point to the next until it reaches the shelves and finally the hands of the customers buying it. So, a good packaging needs to be able to properly protect the product inside.

It needs to be attractive: There is the aesthetics concern as well. You will certainly want to be sure that you come up with a packaging that will showcase the product, make it attractive and irresistible to whoever it is meant for. An attractive packaging will only further increase the chance of people noticing your goods and picking them up and taking them to the counter to pay for them. From the designs to the colors to the font that should be used- these are elements that need to jive well with how attractive your product should appear to be.

It needs to be promotional: You will need to include as much information and details about the product that you are selling on the packaging too. For people that will be seeing your products on the shelves for the first time, they would certainly be able to appreciate it more if the details you provide are complete and gives them a good glimpse of what it is that you are offering. So, make sure that your packaging is not going to be lacking in the informative department.

It should facilities the urge to purchase: You will want the packaging to scream ‘Buy me’ to your target demographics too. You want the design d the look to be convincing enough, so people that will see and notice it will be convinced that it is something that they need to add to their shopping carts. When it comes to edible goods, the packing should offer details on the nutritional value of the item or such other details that may easily catch the eyes of the buyers to make them decide that this is indeed one crucial purchase for them to make. You need to convince them that they need it and the best packaging is always going to be able to elicit that.

It is a way of differentiating. You must have noticed how there seem to be other product out in the market already that may be the same as the one that you are offering, if you are hoping to secure your share of audiences and buyers alike, then you will have to find ways that will make you stand out against such competition the packaging of your products can be a very excellent way to achieve this, when done right, it would be easier for people to determine which product is yours and which are others’. This will help make it easier for them to identify that yours is exactly what they want since the packing specifically shows this.


ESD Packaging – Keeping Electronic Components Safe

If someone asked you whether you use ESD packaging to send them an electronic component, would you have any idea what they were on about?

Probably not, and you would be forgiven for not knowing. It’s actually not that uncommon – ESD packaging is that simple anti-static container that computer parts – for example – are stored in when you buy them brand new.

The reason why they are put in ESD packaging is that they are prone to sustaining damage as a result of electrostatic discharge (ESD). The ESD Packaging is usually made out of plastic polyethylene terephthalate – what is generally known by the acronym PET.

You might have bought a piece of computer equipment and may have noticed that it is wrapped in multiple layers of protection – that is exactly what ESD packaging is. Depending on the sophistication of the part in question, it may first be wrapped in a PET bag, then in a pink bubble wrap bag, then in a polyethylene rigid box filled with additional foam. This is all there for a reason. ESD packaging prevents static charge build-up. What is even more important is that when you open the ESD packaging, you must be in a static free area. Otherwise, guess what? All that ESD packaging will have been for nothing and the part might be damaged. There are plenty of examples of the types of ESD packaging that are available.

It is always a good idea to store or transport any components in these bags. Even if you are reusing one to package up an old part to keep as a spare, consider using some form of ESD packaging when you put it into storage. The bags are lined with metal to dissipate any charge and the outer PET coating is treated with chemicals to ensure that any moisture in the air which might settle on the bag will be drawn away from the inside.

While on the subject, of course, it is important to note that you should never store two components in the same bag of ESD Packaging. Ideally, they would have their own bag and their own bubble wrap. If you were really stuck for space, you could store them in the same box by keeping them totally apart with foam.